Silo Food Industries Limited is a company established in July 2018 to produce and distribute value-added agricultural products, food and livestock products. The Government, through a Cabinet resolution in May 2018, directed that all commercial activities of the GMB be separated from its core SGR functions.

Silo Food Industries Limited, was named after the well-established Silo brand. It started operations on April 1, 2019 after completion of the demerger. The Company’s mandate is to operate the commercial activities of GMB as defined in its mission statement. The Company’s major brands include Country Feeds and Silo branded products. 

Currently, the Silo product range includes Silo mealie-meal (roller and super refined), rice, salt, small grain meal, jam, coffee, kapenta and flour. The stock feed range is housed under the “Country Feeds” brand and carries feeds for chickens, cattle (beef and dairy), dogs, horses and pigs.

Our Mandate

The core functions of SILO FOOD INDUSTRIES as drawn from the mission statement, and guided by the vision is to manufacture, process, market, and distribute high quality and competitively priced food and livestock products in Zimbabwe and beyond. The core operations defining the business model include:
  • Crop farming and animal husbandry for export meats, select grains, and value added agricultural products.
  • Milling and trading of maize and wheat, as well as the production, processing and pre-packing of other fast moving food products.
  • Manufacturing and distribution of stock feeds and livestock products.

Our Mission

To produce and distribute competitively priced, quality fast moving consumer goods and livestock products to the satisfaction of stakeholder expectations.

Our Vision

Dominant supplier of fast-moving consumer goods and livestock products in Southern Africa by 2030.

Our Core Values

Silo Food Industries has adopted the following Core Values, being an expression of the philosophy that guides and inspires Silo Foods in all its internal and external working relations.

  • Integrity
    We uphold the values of honesty and professionalism in the way we interact with all our stakeholders.

  • Customer Orientation
    We strive to consistently deliver real value to our customers through quality products and efficient service.

  • Team work
    In our pursuit of success, we are always aware of our mutual interdependence as one unit. We work well together as Team SFI.

  • Innovation
    We are driven to create new ways of doing business, to solve problems, and provide effective solutions to our customers.

  • Quality
    We prioritise excellence and ensure that all our products and services are always of the highest standard.